An Original Delicatessen

Leven reboots the classic deli experience— creating a lightened, lively and a community favorite for sandwiches, salads and deli fare. 
Our mission is to elevate the classic deli model for modern times. Our food is lightened by Mediterranean flavors. Service is deli in style— focused and genuine. Atmosphere, welcoming, and energetic. 


The name is Leven, a baking term that means “to lighten”.  Here’s how Leven Deli breaks down. 

We want to make the tastiest sandwiches and sides that you can and want to eat every day! Leven offers a diverse menu that riffs off of the classic American deli and excites the palate with bright and lively ingredients.



are handmade leavened sourdough flatbreads stuffed with hand-crafted meats, brightly flavored vegetables, and zesty spreads and sauces.


are the sandwiches that you know and love from the American deli elevated with farm fresh, responsibly sourced ingredients, hand crafted meats and condiments.


We love to our sandwiches but we also love our veggies just as much!  Our adventurous salads, soups, dips, and pickles are elevated with bright and fresh flavors, including za’taar, salsa verde, romesco, and preserved lemons. We strive to make everything in house but when we cant we like to buy it from folks who follow our same principles.