Our 12-Day Pastrami

A rich tradition, refined with time.

Start with the finest ingredients

Making the best pastrami starts with selecting the best ingredients. From sourcing the world’s best herbs and spices, to selecting the finest cuts of brisket from local Denver butchers, Chef Luke’s attention to detail is second-to-none. Nothing great can be achieved without first laying a solid foundation.

Mix with the labor of a dedicated craftsman

Each step of the pastrami aging, curing, and smoking process requires both precision and artistry. The underlying science is unforgiving, so producing consistently perfect pastrami requires creative adaptation to environmental conditions and each particular cut of brisket. Chef Luke brings his deep culinary experience to the table with each meaty masterpiece.

And the result is something outrageously delicious

Each pastrami is tailored to the style and taste of the chef behind it, and we’d never challenge the artistry of an O.G. deli like Katz’s, but we’re confident you haven’t tasted anything quite as melt-in-your-mouth delicious as Chef Luke’s 12-day pastrami. We’ll claim “Best Pastrami West of the Mississippi” and leave any other comparisons up to you.